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Gable Front Conservatories

Gable Front Conservatories

Gable front conservatories stand on a simple rectangular base in order to maximise floor space, and character can be added with your own choice of triangulated gable design and colour to create a dramatic sense of space and height.

“Definitely deserve a five star. Outstanding work at a great affordable price.” — Christine Stewart

Easily create extra floor space

A gable fronted glass conservatory, like the Edwardian, uses a rectangular base which maximises floor space by eradicating the angles used in other designs, offering you more living space than any other type of conservatory.

Flexible yet sturdy, the gable end conservatory design where each side of the roof rises to the centre is easily adapted for use in more complex applications. Suitable for both houses and bungalows, ERG can easily adapt it specifically to your home as the front of the gable conservatory rises to an apex and the pitch can be aligned with the roof of your house.

Extra character can be added to the conservatory with your choice of gable, and the energy-efficient double-glazed windows extending up to the apex of the roof will bring in that all important extra light, especially in the Highlands & Islands. ERG, one of the best conservatory companies in and around Inverness will provide you with a range of colours for your frame design, or you can opt for a coloured finish which can be specially commissioned to suit your needs.

Product Options

Now you’ve decided on the style of conservatory you’d like, it’s time to think about materials and colour. ERG offers frames in sturdy, low-maintenance PVCu, natural hardwood, practical Aluclad and sleek aluminium. To complement the material, you can choose whatever colour best suits your home’s exterior and interior decor, including our range of customised colours such as clean white or black, warm Rosewood or cool Chartwell Green, subtle Ice Cream or Gale Grey.

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